Guard Dogs

Guard dogsFew things are more vigilant, responsive and visually deterring than trained Guard Dogs, for this reason they are a very useful tool in security services. DMS provide dogs for a variety of reasons but the results remain constant, thieves and vandals do not like them!

DMS recognise the requirement for Guard Dogs on their sites and have produced a variety of solutions designed to meet your needs:

  • Option 1 Guard dog based on site in a kennel – this solution is strictly for a small site with a complete perimeter fence line.
  • Option 2 Possibly the most effective solution. The K9-manned guarding team, based on site at any hours agreed with the customer and patrolling together at least every hour.
  • Option 3 The mobile patrol guard dog team – this team can make regular visits to a business premises or just respond to an alarm activation.

For more information call on guard dogs call 0845 872 6000.