Alarm Monitoring & Response

Alarm monitorWhat is an acceptable amount of time to respond to an incident on your premises, 10 days? 10 hours? 10 minutes? With the DMS alarm monitoring and Response we start our response within 20 seconds! Real time activations let us know that something is happening on your site and our specially trained control team begin their response immediately.

We have invested heavily in our in house control room to ensure we were giving our clients the best possible service for their money. Working real time with your site our controllers are informed whenever there is an alarm activation and begin to respond immediately, whether it be speaking directly to the site via VoIP, sending a mobile response unit or contacting the relevant emergency services, you can rest assured that your premises is in safe hands.

Our control room is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week and working with a team of mobile response units we have the UK covered.