Gateman / Banksmen

GatemanFor years one problem has remained consistent in the construction industry, Gate control! Whether its delivery management, vehicular movement or authorised access control, a DMS Gatemen can really make all the difference on your site.

DMS have provided Gatemen and, at your request, qualified Banksmen on sites all across the UK. These specially trained guards are able to offer a quality gate management system to your site which has dramatically reduced the workload of site management or foremen. When opting for the Gatemen package you can get much more than just person at the gate, you also get:

A visual deterrent from crime

  • A Delivery management service able to offer you the ability to quickly direct and arrange the offloading of deliveries.
  • A delivery schedule monitor responsible for ensuring deliveries arrive at allocated times
  • Access control to avoid unauthorised personnel
  • A regulator of Car Parking
  • An appointed key holder
  • Importantly an excellent first impression to your site.